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Rev Darlene Cunliffe

Holy Trinity
A mission deputation visiting the stations along the O.A.& P.S. Railway
found that in 1896 there were three Anglican families consisting of 15
people in Madawaska. The following year Madawaska became an outstation of the mission of Douglas and in 1899, with the creation of the mission of Killaloe, Madawaska and Whitney were linked to that mission.
On December 1, 1900 the Canadian Atlantic Railway Company deeded the land for a church to the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. On April 30, 1901 thirty people were present for the laying of the cornerstone of Holy Trinity. A collection for the building fund raised $11.15. The church was consecrated by Bishop Hamilton of Ottawa on October 10, 1902.

In 1916 a rectory to accommodate the incumbent priest was built. This priest would serve various points in Algonquin Park, Whitney and environs, Cross Lake, Killaloe and Tramore. Killaloe, Madawaska and Whitney were on the rail line but the other stations had to be accessed on foot or by sleigh in the winter; and by being driven by parishioners in the summer.

The church was originally lit with coal oil hanging lamps; then 25 acetylene lights were installed and used until sometime during World War I (1914-1918). Compressed gas was then used to light the church, the lines for which are still evident in the sanctuary.

The plaster in the church was replaced with ash veneer in 1923, giving the church the rich wooden interior it has today.

In the first quarter of this century Madawaska was a flourishing community. It was the Division point between Ottawa and Depot Harbour. There was a round house which accommodated 27 locomotives. Before the Canadian National absorbed the Grand Trunk System, 14 freight trains, two passenger trains and two mixed trains came to Madawaska from Depot Harbour daily.

In 1942-43 the village of Madawaska (including all three churches) was moved due to the erection of a hydro-electric dam on Bark Lake which flooded the original site of the village. Some of the current members of Holy Trinity can remember seeing the church being moved from its site on the edge of the river to its current location in the middle of today's village.

Holy Trinity, Madawaska together with St. Anthony's, Whitney became part of the Parish of Combermere in 1956.

Currently a small congregation of mixed ages meets every Sunday for worship. During the school year there is a Sunday School for the younger folk at the 10:45 a.m. service on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. A church supper and annual bazaar sponsored by the Ladies' Guild helps to offset expenses.

For information on when services are held at Holy Trinity, Madawaska, please see our Services page.


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